Your design... Our expertise

We can help with product development and design, offering cost-effective solutions to help you achieve the best functionality, at highest quality, for the lowest cost.


Get if fast, get it right, with no minimums

We cater to clients with exacting needs and short timelines, all without sacrificing quality. Our focus is relationships, not project size. JCS can help with any order.


100% tested. 0% fail rate. guaranteed

All products are individually tested to ensure quality, and JCS will immediately replace any component that does not work when installed.


Industries Served

  • Gaming We excel in producing harnesses for casino gaming equipment.
  • Renewable energy From controllers to generators and everything in between.
  • Industrial Including consumer electronics, kiosks, ATM machines and computers.
  • Amusement Integrating audio, video, contol and payment systems.
JCS Quick Turnaround
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